The Boury Agency is an exciting agency dedicated to providing children access to professional work and opportunities. We are champions of Diversity in the Performing Arts and particularly interested in working with those who may not have followed the traditional route into the business.

The Boury Agency is an extension of our school to allow our students professional working opportunities and a chance to experience the Performing Arts world for themselves. Being a student at the school does not automatically mean you have a place or have to join on The Boury Agency. We are happy to discuss each case individually as, joining an Agency, can be a big commitment for the entire family. We will carefully mentor students and give honest opinions on wether we feel they are ready to face professional auditions. 

The Boury Agency charges NO FEES to join. Please do contact us if you are unsure of something you are being asked to pay for - be it photographs or offers from other agencies. We are happy to guide you through even if we do not represent you ourselves. 

Representing Children and Young Adults in







A career in Performing Arts should not be out of reach for any child that has the courage and determination to pursue it...